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When you hurt for so long, unbearable pain that makes suicide look like a pleasant alternative, one forgets how to smile.

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It has been a trying year for me. I have illness after illness since Oct. 19th, last year. After numerous visits to a plethora of doctors, I finally have multiple diagnoses…and a permanent multitude of illnesses and disabilities. I am hoping that with a new doctor, these issues can be beaten into remission.

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Lucifer’s Hammer, exerpt

"No place is more than two meals from a revolution. Think of Los Angeles or New York with no electricity. Or a longer view, fertilizer plants stop. Or a longer view yet, no new technology for ten years. What happens to our standard of living?"

“Yet the damned fools won’t pay ten minutes’ attention a day to science and technology. How many people know what they’re doing? Where do these carpets come from? The clothes you’re wearing? What do carburetors do? Where do sesame seeds come from? Do you know? Does one voter out of thirty? They won’t spend ten minutes thinking about the technology that keeps them alive.”

Dr. Sharps, Lucifer’s Hammer, paperback, page 44

Wise words written all the way back in the ’70s. Even though Dr. Sharps is a fictional character, he’s right.

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